Spotify “offline playlist” in any device

After being a Spotify premium user for ages and using offline playlists in my mobile, I’ve been trying to get my songs into my smaller ipod player as well as my car without luck.

To be able to do so the official way I have to pay 9 SEK or whatever for each song, which I think is ridiculous when I’ve already paid for premium and that I’m already having this functionality in my phone.

After exploring the alternatives to save music as regular mp3’s I found out about Audio Hijack Pro. However it doesn’t know anything clever about Spotify so I’ve been hacking together an AppleScript that will tag each song that you play in Spotify with its album and track name. You can download it here.

Simply run the script and start playing tracks and it will automatically start recording with the correct filename and put it on your desktop (configurable in Audio Hijack Pro). The script will quit once you exit Spotify.

You might also want to move the script to your ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Spotify/ folder and activate your script menu so that you can start the process easily from the application menu.

The only downside with this solution is that you have to actually play each song that you want to encode as mp3. But hey, you probably like to listen to the songs anyway!

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